Description of the File

Personal Data Act of Finland (523/99) section 10


Date of drafting: March 9, 2006

Date updated: March 14, 2008






Infire Business Ventures Ltd


Nuijamiestentie 7

00400 Helsinki


Phone number: (+358)-10-295-1727



Person in Charge


Aleksi Asikainen / Infire Business Ventures Ltd


Nuijamiestentie 7

00400 Helsinki


Phone number: (+358)-10-295-1727



Name of the Register


IBV Furcadia Customer Sales Database



The Purpose for the Use of the Register


Archive of customer, order and payment history for the purposes of managing the customer relations of the Controller (under Section 8 of the Personal Data Act).



Content of the Register


Customerís name, email address, address (when necessary for delivery), phone number (optional), payment account, age group (under 15, 15 to 17, 18 or above), order history and payment history.



Regular Sources of Information


The personal data for this register is received from the customers at the time of purchase.



Regular Information Exchange with non EU/European Economic Area Parties


All information in this register may be shared with Dragonís Eye Productions, Inc. of Texas, USA when necessary for the purpose of customer service, purchase completion, sales analysis, inventory, proof of purchase, or other essential reason. The sharing is done electrically. At the time of the purchase, the customers are requested to give their consent to the transfer of their personal data.


Dragonís Eye Productions, Inc.

PO Box 1048, Round Rock

Texas 78680-1048




Register Privacy Principles


Manual register is stored in the office of Infire Business Ventures Ltd. Access to the material is controlled by Person in Charge.


Digital register is stored on the server of Infire Business Ventures Ltd. The handlers of this material are required to use an SSL secured connection, and a username and a password to access the data. The server is located in a secure datacenter where only select data center personnel can access it.